Fancy £30 My Baggage Credit?

We want your video reviews!

Customers love seeing other peoples experience with My Baggage and we want to share your great experiences.

We are giving £30 credit to customers who provide us with a valid video review. Ideally, we would like it in portrait mode, however, if that is an issue we can accept landscape, see examples below.

You can say whatever you want, we are looking stuff like:

  • Why you used My Baggage?
  • How did the experience go?
  • Did My Baggage help you and would you recommend it?

We are looking for videos between 20s and 1.30s of you naturally talking to the camera.

Example Portrait Mode

Example Landscape (this is with our old brand Uni Baggage, but same idea)

If you send us your video you accept that we may use it on our social media channels and on our website.

To submit a video simple email it to:

[email protected]


Credit can be applied in GBP, USD or EUR, we will apply the credit based on your last order, if you would like another currency just let us know.

Credit is valid for 2 years.