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Customers love seeing other peoples experience with My Baggage and we want to share your great experiences.

We are giving £30 credit to customers who provide us with a valid video review. Ideally, we would like it in portrait mode, however, if that is an issue we can accept landscape, see examples below.

You can say whatever you want, we are looking stuff like:

  • Why you used My Baggage?
  • How did the experience go?
  • Did My Baggage help you and would you recommend it?

We are looking for videos between 20s and 1.30s of you naturally talking to the camera.

Example Portrait Mode

Example Landscape (this is with our old brand Uni Baggage, but same idea)

If you send us your video you accept that we may use it on our social media channels and on our website.

To submit a video simple email it to:

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Credit can be applied in GBP, USD or EUR, we will apply the credit based on your last order, if you would like another currency just let us know.

Credit is valid for 2 years.

The BEST Student Discount Sites – 10 You Need To Know


There are a lot of benefits to being a student…

The ability to drink during the day without judgement, being able to go out on a weeknight, being able to nap whenever you like etc, etc, etc.

But the biggest benefit is, of course, student discount. That little plastic card with the hideous photo of you is a powerful tool, often giving you considerable money off items such as clothing, laptops, food, gigs and books.

To use the card to its full advantage, here’s a full list of the best student discount sites around. This should help you save a few pennies to spend on the things that matter. You know, like food and alcohol and stuff…


Save The Student – Discounts are split into categories to help you easily find what you’re looking for.

UNiDAYS – Updated with thousands of student offers on a daily basis. It’s free to join with a great free app.

Student Beans – Over 10,000 discounts, deals and competitions for students.

Totum: Totum is the rebrand of the NUS extra card. It offers more than 200 UK discounts on big and small brands. Costs for a card for one year are £12A, two years is £22, and three years card £32. Totum comes with a free one-year International Student Identity Card (ISIC) too which is handy for nabbing discounts as a student around the world.

Student Money Saver – Stay updated with all of the latest discounts, deals and free stuff for students. They also specialise in ways to make money as a student and are full of advice with everything you need to know about student finance and more.

The Student Pocket Guide – A website for students with features and news articles as well as deals and competitions.

STA Travel – Students and young people can find cheap flights, hotels, hostels and more. Buy the ISIC discount card (or get it free for one year with Totum) to enjoy travel, online and lifestyle discounts in the UK and over 133 countries worldwide.

Student Universe – The world’s leading travel booking site for students, offering discounted student flights, hotels, hostels and tours.

Broadband For Students – Helping students across the UK to compare the best student broadband offers.

Software4Students – Providing the best student discounts on full professional software.

5 Apps to help save even more!

Zeek – iOS and Android, free
Zeek allows you to buy and sell unwanted gift and store cards at a discounted price. With cards ranging from Topshop and John Lewis to Apple and Odeon, you can save money and also make some cash by selling any unwanted gift cards.

Grabble – iOS and Android, free
Save money on your favourite fashion brands with Grabble. Scroll through Grabbles fashion pages and swipe right on anything that takes you fancy. When this item is discounted, Grabble will let you know!

Quidco – iOS and Android, free
Simple to use cashback site that helps you earn money from purchases when shopping online. Some current offers include 4% cashback at Waterstones, £8 cashback for your first £25 order at Asda and up to £30 cashback at Currys. When you’re a student, every penny counts!

musicMagpie – iOS and Android, free
Make extra money by recycling and selling unwanted electronics, games, DVDs and CDs on musicMagpie.

The ISIC Global App -iOS and Android, free
Never lose your student card again thanks to the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) app. You can now use your virtual ISIC card and exclusive student discounts and codes for student discounts in over 130 countries.


Are you a student? Find out how My Baggage can help you!

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Student Shipping

International Student Shipping

University Finder

My Baggage in the Press

My Baggage, previously called Uni Baggage has received tons of press coverage from national and worldwide news organisations and publications. Find out more about My Baggage in the media.

The Irish Times



BBC Stoke

Western Morning News My Baggage

Irish News

my baggage irish news


Other News:

Uni Baggage Deal in Irish News

Uni Baggage BBC VIF Feature

Startacus Interview 

More coming soon…

Christmas 2019 Booking Dates

Send your luggage home with us this Christmas!

Travelling home for Christmas can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Leave the stress and woes behind of lugging your bags through the airport and send your suitcase home with us. My Baggage offers you an easy, reliable and low-cost door to door delivery shipping option for you to transport your suitcases and personal belongings over the holiday period. If you fancy sending with us during the holiday season there are a few things you should be aware of, read below to find out about our Christmas 2019 Booking Dates.

Maybe you are heading on holiday to enjoy some winter sun? We’ve got you covered. Skip the ques at the busy airport and ship your luggage directly with us.

What is luggage shipping? Find out more about our service here.

Below we cover absolutely everything you need to know about our recommended send by dates when shipping with us in the festive period. Please remember to take note of the send-by dates as well as when our office will be closed.

My Baggage Christmas 2019 Booking Dates

In the busy festive period, we have recommended send by dates to make sure that you get your items in time. To make sure your luggage arrives when you need it, we would recommend making sure that you take note of the Christmas 2019 booking dates and send your luggage in accordance with them. If you need to you can book a collection after our advised dates, however, due to the busy festive period, we cannot guarantee that your item will arrive for you before Christmas. It’s important to note that all My Baggage services are estimated and can be subject to unexpected delays.

Please note that we recommend allowing 1 extra day than normal for delivery during December due to extremely high volumes of shipments, and also to consider any adverse weather conditions. 

My Baggage UK Shipments (incl. Northern Ireland)

We recommend sending on or before 18th December for all 48-hour services.

We recommend sending on or before 19th December for all 24-hour services.

If possible, we highly recommend that you book 2-3 days before your collection date.

International Shipments

For international shipments, we recommend sending on or before 12th December for Economy services within Europe.

For international Express services, we recommend sending on or before 16th December*

* Please be aware there may be delays in customs if applicable.

My Baggage Christmas Closure Dates

Below we have outlined our office opening hours during the festive period and we have also covered when collections and deliveries will occur during the dates mentioned in December.

23/12/2019OpenDelivery only
24/12/2019ClosedDelivery only
25/12/2019ClosedNo collections or deliveries
26/12/2019ClosedNo collections or deliveries
27/12/2019OpenCollections and deliveries
28/12/2019ClosedNo collections or deliveries
29/12/2019ClosedNo collections or deliveries
30/12/2019OpenDelivery only
31/12/2019ClosedNo collection or deliveries
01/01/2020ClosedNo collection or deliveries
02/01/2020OpenNormal service resumes (No services in Scotland)

Contact information for My Baggage

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our online booking system is available 24/7, meaning you can book with us at any time. If you need to arrange luggage shipping for the New Year you can book with us online, even if the office is closed.

Do you have any questions or queries?

Contact us here between 9 am – 10 pm when we are open, we are unable to provide support when we are closed, so if you need to, you can get in touch with the courier directly. Below we have outlined the contacts for our couriers.

Contact information for UK Shipments

In the UK (including Northern Ireland) we use Parcelforce to send our deliveries. We use them for both Express 48 and Express 24 services if you need to contact Parcelforce you can find their contact information here.

Contact information for International Shipments

For international shipments, we use the courier DHL. DHL is also used the courier we use to send Expres 24 shipments from Northern Ireland to mainland UK. If you need to contact them, you can find out more about their contact information here.

Not sure which courier?

If you aren’t sure which courier we are using for your booking don’t worry! All you have to do to find this information out is to log into ‘My orders’ on your My Baggage account and click on the green collection and delivery times. When you click this, a pop-up notification will appear showing you, your courier information, you can then contact them directly via the numbers above.

Considering booking with My Baggage this Christmas?

Booking with My Baggage is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is get a quote from our homepage or from the box below. You can book with our online booking system 24/7, so it can easily be worked around your busy Christmas shopping. It also only takes a few minutes to complete, as we know you have more pressing tasks to be attending this holiday season. When picking a collection date, choose one that suits you best. Once your booking is complete we’ll send you your shipping labels. All you need to do is print these and attach them to your luggage. Don’t worry we take care of the rest! All you have to worry about now is all that Christmas wrapping.

Shipping your stuff home during the festive season? Get a quick quote from My Baggage today!

10 Tips To Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. This is not just another holiday; it is THEE HOLIDAY. You want everything to be perfect and without mistakes. We cannot assure you that something won’t go wrong, but we can help you save money and time. Read below for our 10 useful tips that will help you plan the perfect honeymoon.


1 Determine your budget

Honeymoons and weddings are both very special and can be very expensive. Sometimes just two simple details can greatly increase the cost. That’s the reason why it is ALWAYS good to get a budget in mind and stick to it – the more precise the better. It’s not only because of the money, the budget will also help you make decisions faster, and focus on what matters.

If you want a perfect and unbelievable experience with your partner, then you need a little bit of creativity and patience.

2 Decide whether to go abroad

This is one of the most important decisions you have to consider before you start planning anything else. Do you want to stay in the country, or would you prefer to adventure abroad? It depends on the budget limit you have set as well. If you have a more reduced budget, maybe it is better to look for some local options. In that case, the transport costs might be more affordable.

Going to a foreign country is an option that a lot of couples prefer. It is very romantic getting immersed in a different culture together, that’s for sure. There are two things to keep in mind: Have you travelled together before? Do you have all the necessary documentation in order?

Sometimes, when a couple has travelled together before, organising and putting things in order is much easier. If this is your first couple trip, you might need a bit more time to make the final decision.  You will also save a lot of time and money if the important documentation is in order. For some countries, visas or special requirements are a long wait.


3 Discuss the perfect holiday TOGETHER

Organising your honeymoon is not the same as organising a wedding. It differs in many aspects. Want to relax? An adventure? Or maybe both?

The main thing is to enjoy time together away from responsibilities and duties. Nothing should ruin your first vacation as a married couple, and because of that, you need to decide on a destination together. The first step is making a list of things that you most want to get out of your trip, you and your partner each write your own. Then compare it, this allows you to share your preferences and, in the end, choose activities and sights that both of you would be happy doing.

4 Now, decide the duration and pick your destination

With two or three weeks, you’ll have enough time to go all over your lovely destination and overcome the exhaustion from work. If your budget doesn’t allow you too long, it would be better to reduce the number of activities and save a couple of days for just relaxing. The destination is a very subjective matter here, it just depends on what you prefer to do: Adventure Honeymoon, Beach Honeymoon or maybe Resort Honeymoon?

It is also essential that you pick wisely which is the best time and season to go to the destination you have chosen. You don’t want to be trapped in the middle of a tropical storm in the Caribbean islands or have to stay all day in your hotel due to the monsoon rains in Thailand, right? Scheduling dates is a crucial part of the trip preparation. You also have to know that prices increase during the months with more favourable weather.

5 Don’t use only Google to make the final decision

Normally, the first search is done with Google. There are plenty of blogs that show past experiences and reviews of destinations, hotels and activities. The internet is a great source of content but don’t rely just on it. Sometimes these reviews paint pictures that don’t match reality.

We suggest you talk with friends or family about what they did for their honeymoon. For sure they will give you more valuable information and from a perspective that nobody else could give.


6 Search carefully the hotel you’re going to stay in

Avoid family resorts! You don’t want to share the same dining room with 50 kids (and their screams). That would destroy your peace of mind in seconds. Instead, to guarantee that this doesn’t happen, it’s always good to verify with the hotel if the dates you’ve selected are too busy or not.

Doing room research is also a good idea if you want to select every little detail. Ask for a honeymoon suite or for that fantastic balcony view you desire. Also, if you’re going to stay in different hotels, here is a trick that always helps improve your experience: schedule your hotel reservations in a way that the next accommodation upgrades the previous one. That way you will feel like you are winning at travel.

To finish, let the hotel staff know that you are organising a honeymoon, maybe they will prepare a surprise to make you feel special.


7 Schedule “do nothing” time

It is a good idea to balance adventure with relaxation. You will want to explore as many places as possible and walk through every path but… this is also a trip that should give you time to recharge your energy before coming back to reality. You have paid an exorbitant amount of money on your hotel room, why not spend some time in the giant swimming pool or in that luxury jacuzzi in your bathroom?


8 Contact a honeymoon specialist

If it is too stressful for you to organise all of the above, maybe it is better to get some help from a honeymoon specialist, who can decide the best destinations, hotels and activities for you and compare them in order to catch the most affordable options within your budget limits. Honeymoon specialists, apart from saving time, can get you great discounts and deals.


9 Be aware of hidden costs

Even though you have determined a budget in advance, hidden costs can unfortunately appear. Do you know what is included in all bookings you made? The transportation costs from the airport to your hotel aren’t sometimes included. You should inquire about all the information related to reservations.

Often, airport fees like excess luggage can cost over £500. Just in case, reserve some money aside to avoid any unexpected surprise.


10 Sending your luggage and avoid stress

One way to avoid hidden costs related to airport fees is by sending your luggage (boxes or suitcases) with My Baggage. We have experience in sending luggage to over 200 countries. Get rid of that unnecessary stress and let us carry your heavy luggage for you.

You only need to follow these 4 simple steps: 1. Book a collection online, 2. Print your collection labels, 3. Let us collect your items in your door, and 4. Wait until the delivery is completed.  The delivery can be done at any hotel reception.