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The ideal option for moving abroad

Are you moving abroad and need a reliable and convenient international removals service to help you bring your favorite things to your new home? Shipping to over 200 countries worldwide and with other 1,000 routes available, My Baggage is the ideal option for anyone looking to relocate and forward luggage. Offering door to door shipping, online tracking and unrivalled customer support; find out how our services compare to traditional international removal companies.

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Our Top Destinations

The world’s your oyster with My Baggage. We offer luggage shipping to over 200 countries worldwide incorporating 1,000 routes. Our most popular destinations are:

My Baggage vs Traditional International Movers

Whatever your reason for relocating abroad, you are most likely to use an international removal company to ship your belongings to your new home. Traditional international movers are the ideal option if you wish to ship furniture or even your new car overseas, however, we are seeing more and more people opt to leave their big items behind and tend to just bring personal effects, suitcases, boxes and sports equipment or musical instruments. If this is you, then using a traditional international moving company is not the most cost-effective solution.

My Baggage offers fast, convenient, reliable and low-cost door to door shipping services, we can offer a more feasible method of shipping (suitcases, boxes, bags, etc) to your new home abroad. For many people, it makes more sense to pursue the cost-effective option to sell any large, bulky items and ship their most treasured belongings with My Baggage.

Convenient and Reliable Removals

My Baggage offers a convenient door to door service, so you don’t have to worry about moving all your items to a collection point and then collecting them when all over again when you are in your new destination. We ship directly from your doorstep and will deliver your items to your new location.

What Can I Send?

You can use My Baggage to ship your personal effects in suitcases, boxes, or even a mixture of both. You can also send typically large or oversized items, such as sports equipment, musical instruments and bicycles, so long as they are appropriately packaged.

Please note* there are a number of items that you can ship with our service, however, they will not be covered under our compensation cover and are sent at your own risk. If you decide to go ahead and ship any non-compensation items, please ensure they are packaged correctly and you use plenty of packaging to cushion any items that are fragile in nature.

Find out more about My Baggage’s prohibited and non-compensation items.

Full Online Tracking 

My Baggage offers you full online tracking of your items to give you that extra peace of mind. You can decide to either be kept in the loop via text or email. So you always know where your items are and when they are due to arrive. We also provide full online tracking for every single shipment, which you can access at any time by logging into your My Baggage account.

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer support, so if you have any questions, we are here to help. Our support team have years in logistics and are experts when it comes to shipping personal belongings all over the world. If you require any assistance with your shipment, you can contact our customer support team via phone, email and live chat.

1,000+ International Routes Available

The world is your oyster with My Baggage. We ship to over 200 countries around the world, servicing over 1,000 routes worldwide. My Baggage will offer you all the benefits of international removal without the extortionate costs involved.

Can’t see a quote for a specific route? No problem, get in touch and we can provide you with a custom quote.

Fast Overseas Movers

Here at My Baggage, we understand that, for many people moving overseas, speed is a top priority when it comes to transporting all of your worldly belongings. The last thing you want is to have to wait for weeks for your belongings to arrive at your new home.

Traditional international removals, can sometimes take months for your belongings to arrive, however, with My Baggage, you don’t have to worry about waiting. We offer super fast overseas removals, with an average 2-5 day transit times worldwide.

How To Book With My Baggage

Booking with My Baggage couldn’t be easier. Our straightforward to use online booking system is available 24/7 and takes just a few short moments to complete. Simply start by obtaining a quote straight from our website. Once you’ve booked your shipment, we’ll send you some shipping labels to print and attach to your items. After that, you can simply sit back and relax. We’ll take care of everything else for you. It’s that easy!

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