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Unfortunately drivers are not equipped with mobile phones for work purposes due to both safety and security concerns. They are unable to call prior to arriving and simply arrive and knock/buzz your door. If you need any instructions passed onto the driver you will need to contact the courier directly on the morning of collection/delivery. Their details can be found in the My Orders section by clicking on the green collection times.
If you are staying in halls of residence then your item(s) will be collected from your reception or your usual collection point, please check with your university where this is. If you are staying in a flat or house the driver will come to your front door.
Your item(s) will be collected and delivered between 9.00 and 18.00. We are unable to provide a smaller collection or delivery time. The courier may be able to help, their details are displayed in My Orders, simply click on the green collection or delivery times.
Items are collected between 9.00 and 18.00. Please check your tracking to see if the driver has already attempted collection. If it is after 17.30 on your collection date and your items have not been collected please contact us so we can arrange another collection.
You can send your item(s) anywhere within the UK and most countries worldwide. You can see all routes on our quote page. If the country you wish to ship to/from is not online please contact us for a quote.
The collection and delivery dates are displayed when booking and in My Orders. Items are collected and delivered Monday - Friday, excluding bank holidays. Items are not delivered on weekends. In some remote areas it can take an extra 1-2 days for delivery.
The item needs to be available for collection. A friend can hand the item to the driver or if you are sending within the UK (inc N. Ireland) you can leave the item in a safe place with a signed note on the front door, do this at your discretion. If sending outside the UK you must hand the item to the driver. If you missed the collection please contact us, you can check your tracking to see if the driver has been.
This is not a problem, if you miss your delivery the driver will leave a card and you can arrange the delivery for another date. Some deliveries are automatically delivered the next day - look at your card. You get 3 delivery attempts. You can also collect from a local depot if you wish.
You can track your items online from My Orders. If your item(s) have not arrived 2+ working days after your expected delivery date please contact us. The biggest reason for parcels being delayed is the labels falling off, it is vitally important that you attach your labels securely.
We only deliver Monday to Friday. We do not deliver on public holidays. You can see your expected delivery date in My Orders, you can also track online from My Orders.
You can send your items in suitcases and/or strong cardboard boxes. Please do not use plastic boxes or plastic bags. Please read our packaging page for more information. If you need to purchase boxes we have some recommendations here.
You are allowed to send up to 30kg per item.
When you make your booking our system calculates if your item is too large. You can check your items on our size checker.

The restrictions within the UK are:

The longest length must not exceed 1.5m
Longest length + 2(breadth + width) = No More Than 300cm

The restrictions to ship outside the UK are:

(length x width x height (cm) / 5000) must not equal more than 30.
An example size box that would fit both the UK and International service is 50cm x 50cm x 50cm.
Yes, please check our Prohibited Items list. Please only send your items in suitcases and strong cardboard boxes. Do not use plastic boxes or plastic bags
Yes you can but they must be sent in travel cases and may not be cover by the compensation cover. Please read our terms and conditions.
Yes you can however these item must be packaged in the original manufactures packaging. If not packaged correctly they may not be covered by our compensation cover, some items are not covered by compensation cover - please check our terms and conditions.
We can ship bicycles. If sending a bicycle it will need to be boxed up. We recommend taking your bicycle to a local cycle shop where they can box it up and disassemble it if required for a small fee. The box you use needs to fit within our normal size restrictions and can be sent on our normal services.

If you are sending within the UK:
The longest length must not exceed 1.5m
Longest length + 2(breadth + width) = No More Than 300cm

The restrictions to ship outside the UK are:
(length x width x height (cm) / 5000) must not equal more than 30.
Yes, simply print a label from your "My Orders" section of mybaggage.com. This will come available straight after booking for UK Shipments. For some international shipments labels only become available 1-2 days before collection.
Labels will be available 4-5 days before the collection date for 99% of bookings. You will get an email when your labels are available. For labels to be created the Post Code needs to exactly match the Town, if it does not your order will be processed manually and may take longer. Labels for some orders (such as imports and international shipments) may only become available 1-2 days before collection. If it is the day before your collection and you still do not have access to your labels please contact us.
If you are using the Express 48 or the Express 24 within the UK the driver will always bring a back up sticky label. However you still need to attach two labels with the full delivery address and name on it. This can be a hand written label, please make sure these labels are securely attached as the driver will stick the tracking label over one of your labels. For all other services you MUST use the provide labels as the drivers do not carry labels. If you are using the Express 24 service between Northern Ireland and the UK, you must be able to print your labels.
It is very important to securely attach labels. Please read this step by step guide.
You can make all bookings online with My Baggage. We have a short video in which we explain how to make a booking with My Baggage . You can view it here
Most customers simply book a collection a few days in advance. We recommend booking 2-3 days in advance. You can book up to 10pm the day before your collection date for UK shipments. International shipments need to be booked further in advance, cut off times depend on the country.
My Baggage is open to everyone and not just restricted to students. You can send to and from any address, you do not have to send to student accommodation.
Yes each consignment has compensation cover up to the value of £100 as standard. You can increase this up to £1000 when booking for a small fee.

We offer 3 booking types to give you control over your booking. With the standard booking you get all our great features such as a door-to-door service, online tracking, SMS/Email alerts and much more, however if you want to make edits to your booking you currently cannot do this with a standard booking. We have Flexi and Super Flexi for this. Flexi allows to edit address information and collection date up until 4pm before collection date. Super Flexi also allows to you do this but also allows you to cancel booking for full refund (minus £5) at any time for any reason.

How do I edit or amend my booking?

If you have a Flexi or Super Flexi booking all you need to do is login and go to My Orders. You can click the Edit Order button and provide us with the edits you wish to make. We will confirm your edits via email. Edits are not made instantly. If you want to change both address information and collect date please make 2 change requests. You can make to to 2 change requests per booking. You can edit your order up until 4pm the day before collection. If you have a standard booking no edits can be made, if you wish to make a change you will need to place a new booking.

I am not sure how many items I need to send?

If you wish to place a booking but are not sure the exact amount of items please book for less items rather than more. If you find you need to send more items you can simply place another booking for the extra items, they will all be collected and delivered at the same time.

Only if sending outside the EU. We will display custom forms to customers that require them. A Pro Forma invoice for sending items outside the EU is available in My Orders to these customers. Some countries may require other documentation, please check with the country requirements before sending.
Yes, please read our terms and conditions and Prohibited Items list.