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Top Instagram Destinations 2021

The Maldives is the most Instagrammed tourist hot spot right now

The Maldives tops the list of 20 most Instagrammed tourist attractions in the world right now with The Eiffel Tower and Times Square close behind.

The team at My Baggage has researched and revealed that more photos in The Maldives are shared on Instagram than of any other tourist destination or landmark in the world.
Most Instagrammed tourist spots

The Covid pandemic has brought about a new appreciation for travel. With various worldwide lockdowns bringing a halt to many holidays for Brits, a strong feeling of wanderlust is creeping in, with many of us eager to pack our bags and head to the next bucket-list destination.

Naturally, with Instagram becoming the new photo album for travellers, many draw travel inspiration from this social platform. We are in lockdown inside our homes, where we are using our phones more, and social media and digital usage has increased in the past year. 2020 has truly been a digital year as accessibility has improved and our desired holiday destination is just a click away. 

With more than 95 million photos uploaded on Instagram daily, our new research looks at the overall number of hashtags for tourist attractions.

The Maldives currently boasts 8.8 million hashtags and images uploaded to the photo-sharing website – more than any other tourist destination or attraction around the globe. 

France’s Eiffel Tower scooped second place, with 6.5 million photos shared on Instagram with the attraction’s hashtag, followed by Times Square in New York with 4.4 million images.

With limited options available for holidaying amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maldives has become the destination of choice for many, including influencers. 

While many holidaymakers decided to go on a staycation within the country, the Instagram profiles of many celebrities were filled with photos from their vacation in the Maldives, putting the island nation in the spotlight.

Closer to home in the UK, in our list of 20 must-visit tourist attractions, London offers some Instagrammable tourist hotspots. With Big Ben in sixth place with 3 million hashtags, followed by Tower Bridge in ninth place with 2.4 million and then Hyde Park in tenth place with 2.2 million hashtags.

Here is the full list of our top 20 list.

  1. Maldives 8.8M hashtags
  2. Eiffel Tower 6.5M hashtags
  3. Times Square 4.4M hashtags
  4. Grand Canyon 3.8M hashtags
  5. Brooklyn Bridge 3.3M hashtags
  6. Big Ben 3M hashtags
  7. Notre Dame 2.9M hashtags
  8. Empire State Building 2.9M hashtags 
  9. Tower Bridge 2.4M hashtags
  10. Hyde Park 2.2M hashtags
  11. Sagrada Familia 2.1M hashtags
  12. Statue of Liberty 2M hashtags
  13. Machu Picchu 1.8M hashtags
  14. Colosseum 1.7M hashtags
  15. Taj Mahal 1.6M hashtags
  16. Angkor Wat 1.5M hashtags
  17. Harrods 1.5M hashtags
  18. Alhambra 1.5M hashtags
  19. Southbank 1.4M hashtags
  20. Petra 1.3M hashtags

Research and data correct as of 11/02/2021. Source

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