We are offering Brits living overseas the chance to buy authentic air from the UK to remind them of home. 

The new bottled air delivery service now available means Britons living across the globe can buy premium fresh air for all UK home nations. 

Available across four countries, the top-quality bottled air is collected using traditional methods and promises authentic aromas of the UK. 

As well as the country-specific premium bottled air, My Baggage will also deliver premium aromas and specific smells available upon request.

So far in 2020, My Baggage has bottled authentic air from the London Underground, Fish and Chip’s aroma from Norfolk, and fresh mist from the summit of Snowdonia. 

Whether you are missing a freshly cut village green or inner-city London, get in touch today with us so we can send a little blast of Britain your way.

We help thousands of Brits with their international removals and their luggage shipping needs every year to locations such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but we know many of them do miss home.

We also ship to all locations in Europe, such as France, Spain, and Germany, and we also help students study abroad every year.

By buying our reputable bottled air, they can settle into their new lives safely in the knowledge that they can access a little bit of home whenever they need it. 

We’re sure there’ll be a lot of demand for this service which thousands of British ex-pats will find a breath of fresh air.



Free UK delivery on all orders. Order dispatched within 1-2 working days. We recommend allowing an extra few days for delivery during these times.

UK 2-3 days: Free

Europe 3-5 days: £5

Worldwide 3 – 6 days: £5




“My family sent me a bottle of Scottish air a few months after I moved to the U.S. with work – can’t believe how much it smells like home!”

Rachel, USA


“I’ve been really missing long country strolls in the Yorkshire Dales since moving to Dubai. Luckily, my bottled air from Yorkshire transported me straight back to the UK!”

Simon, Dubai


“Bali is quite a humid climate and the wet heat can become too much at times, and it makes me miss home as there is nothing quite like the welsh countryside. Who would’ve thought you can get a bit of Snowdonia in Bali.”

Peter, Bali


This air changed my life. I felt like I couldn’t breathe until I ordered some fresh English air.

Sarah, Australia.