Choosing which university is best for your course is a tricky task. It’s a lot of responsibility. You’re going to be spending at least three years living, studying, making memories in this place, so it needs to be right for you.

It’s not a decision to be made on a whim; because your friend is going there or because you think the nightlife in the city looks decent.

This choice requires careful consideration and many important factors should contribute to your final decision. The location of the uni, the accommodation, the courses offered and how well the university ranks for student satisfaction should come into play.

If you know exactly what subject you want to study and you’re truly passionate about the field, a great way to find the perfect fit is to find out which university performs best for your chosen degree.

Every year, The Complete University Guide produces a series of UK university league tables, ranking them on a number of points, including by subject. Below, we’ve created a brief overview of the league table and examined 60 different degree subjects, so you can easily see the best university for your field of study.

Which University is best for my course?

Subject University
Accounting and Finance Strathclyde
Agriculture and Forestry Nottingham
American Studies Birmingham
Anatomy and Physiology St Andrews
Anthropology Cambridge
Archaeology Cambridge
Architecture Bath
Art and Design Oxford
Biology Sciences Cambridge
Building Loughborough
Business and Management St Andrews
Chemical Engineering Cambridge
Chemistry Cambridge
Civil Engineering Cambridge
Classics Cambridge
Communication and Media Strathclyde
Computer Science Cambridge
Creative Writing Warwick
Dentistry Glasgow
Drama, Dance and Cinematics Glasgow
East and South East Asian Studies Cambridge
Economics Cambridge
Education Glasgow
Electrical Engineering Cambridge
English Durham
Food Science Robert Gordon
Forensic Science Dundee
French Cambridge
General Engineering Bristol
Geography and Environmental Science Cambridge
Geology Cambridge
German Cambridge
History Cambridge
History of Art Cambridge
Hospitality and Tourism Strathclyde
Italian Cambridge
Land and Property Management Reading
Law Cambridge
Linguistics Cambridge
Marketing Bath
Maths Cambridge
Mechanical Engineering Cambridge
Medicine Oxford
Middle Eastern and African Studies St Andrews
Music Durham
Nursing Glasgow
Occupational Therapy Cardiff
Pharmacology and Pharmacy Strathclyde
Philosophy Oxford
Physics and Astronomy Cambridge
Physiotherapy Birmingham
Politics Oxford
Psychology Oxford
Russian and East European Languages Cambridge
Social Policy London School of Economics
Social Work Edinburgh
Sociology Cambridge
Sports Science Exeter
Theology and Religious Studies Cambridge
Veterinary Medicine Glasgow

UK University League Table 2019

To view the overall UK university league tables for 2019, click here.

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