Need to ship golf clubs?

Dragging your golf clubs through the airport whilst pulling a suitcase is no easy task – thankfully My Baggage offers a quick, reliable and affordable solution!

How does it work?

Why Ship Golf Clubs With My Baggage?

Golfing holidays are being a popular way to get away from it all. With more and more new people taking up the sport every year there are many golf clubs and resorts now offering fantastic holiday opportunities. Because of this, airlines can charge expensive prices for golf club shipping.

But it’s not only the out of pocket cost, but you also have to drag your heavy golf bag through a busy airport and any transport that follows when you reach your destination. The situation is never ideal and can cause unnecessary stress on what should be a relaxing holiday.

That is where My Baggage comes in! We offer quick, reliable and affordable golf club shipping services, so you don’t have to pay out huge sums to your airline. Not only will this leave more money for your holiday but you don’t have to worry about carrying that bulky bag through departures. We ship it directly to your destination!

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Golf Club Shipping with My Baggage

Golf club shipping with My Baggage couldn’t be easier. Simply book and pay for your shipment online and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our quick quote will give you an idea of cost, during the booking process please add the weight and dimensions of your golf bag and we will provide you with the exact price. Most Golf Clubs will fall into the 30kg/66lbs bracket, however, there can be an additional charge if your golf bag is over 1.2m tall, which many golf bags are.

We offer convenient door-to-door service for both collections and deliveries within the UK and overseas. You might be going on a golfing holiday – if so, we can deliver your golf clubs right to your hotel, golf resort or holiday home to make sure your journey is as stress-free as possible! Just be sure to check with your hotel or golf resort before making your booking with My Baggage.

We’ll provide full online tracking as well as SMS and email notifications, so you’ll be kept up to date on the whereabouts of your shipment at all times whilst it’s in transit. What’s more, we also have a dedicated customer service team ready to answer any questions you might have via phone, live chat or email.

We offer a generous weight allowance of 30kg/66lbs, so you’ll have no problems sending your golf clubs and might even be able to throw in a few golf balls, too. Just make sure that your golf clubs are packaged in a secure golf bag that is suitable for transit. We recommend using a hood over the clubs or even use a box to send your golf bag in, this will protect both the clubs and the golf bag.

Along with sending your clubs with My Baggage, you can also send luggage, it will all be collected and delivery at the same time, and if you are taking more than one suitcase with you on holiday we can work out considerably cheaper than the airlines.

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Ship Your Clubs Overseas

No matter where in the world you’re planning to go golfing, My Baggage can help you get your golf clubs there safe and sound. We deliver to over 200 countries worldwide for a price you can afford. You can send to over 200 countries from the UK, USA and Ireland.

Send Your Clubs Ahead Directly To Your Accommodation

You don’t need to worry about waiting at the carousel. Your golf clubs will be shipped directly to your accommodation. You can arrange it so they will arrive just before you do and be stored in your hotel’s luggage room or just afterwards. Do you have any questions about the best time to book? You can contact us directly here.

Fast Delivery Times On Golf Club Shipping

We offer super fast shipping times, with 1-2 day delivery within the UK and 3-4 days for golf clubs sent internationally. We also offer an Express service for both domestic and international shipping – so it won’t be long until you can start golfing. We offer expected delivery dates when booking so you know when you should have your clubs collected. We also offer full online tracking so you can see your clubs each step of the way.

Great Prices for Golf Club Shipping

My Baggage offers some of the best shipping rates in Europe and in the US for sending luggage and golf clubs. We ship luggage for students all over the world, however, our services are open to everyone, and anyone can take advantage of our super low prices. Prices start from £16.99 within the UK, £25 across Europe and from £76 (approx. $99) to/from USA.

Along with golf clubs you can also your sports ship bikes and skis on our service.


Golf Club Shipping Size Restrictions

BoxesWe would always recommend using our Size Checker if you’re thinking about shipping your golf clubs to determine whether they are within our size restrictions. If your golf clubs do exceed this, not to worry – you can always get a custom quote from us by entering your email address on our Size Checker page.

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