Shipping A Laptop Or Computer To University

If you’d like to send your laptop to university with you, My Baggage can help.

We’re the No.1 Student Shipping company, delivering luggage across the world for almost 30,000 students.

My Baggage can deliver your laptop to and from university quickly, conveniently and at a low cost.

How does it work?

Packing For University

For the majority of students, your laptop is undeniably one of the most important things you’d want to take to university with you – it’ll be your lifeline for all of your studies!

With so many things to bring with you to university, you might find it difficult to get everything into the one suitcase – and you definitely don’t want to be leaving your laptop behind. And if that’s the case, My Baggage can give you a hand.

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Sending Your Laptop With My Baggage

My Baggage are the student shipping experts and can conveniently collect your laptop and deliver it to or from university. Simply book online and My Baggage will save you the time, the worries and most importantly – the money.

We offer full online tracking along with SMS and email notifications to keep you updated on the whereabouts of your laptop whilst it’s in transit.

Our shipping times are very fast, with 1-2 day delivery within the UK and 3-4 days for your laptop being sent internationally. We also offer an Express service for both domestic and international shipping, so you don’t have to be without your laptop for too long.

BoxesCompensation, Loss or Damage

Please note: although we are more than happy to ship your laptop, they must be sent at your own risk as they are included in our list of non-compensation items. This means that laptops can only be carried on a no compensation basis on any service. Laptops can be sent, however if they are damaged or lost they will not be covered by compensation cover. We highly recommend that all laptops sent are well-packaged in the original manufacturer’s packaging.

Send Your Laptop Overseas

If you’re studying abroad, or if you’re an international student, My Baggage can help. We offer fantastic low rates and fast delivery times on items sent overseas.

We send luggage to over 200 countries worldwide and you can get a quote from us anytime.

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