Shipping Your Personal Effects

If you’re moving, working or studying abroad, you can send your personal effects with My Baggage.

My Baggage provides low cost and convenient personal effects shipping within the UK and to over 200 countries worldwide.

How does it work?

Sending Personal Effects Overseas

Whether you’re returning to your own country after a few years abroad or are just setting out on an overseas adventure, having your personal effects with you as soon as you arrive at your destination will help you to settle in and feel at home as quickly as possible.

However, as many of these personal effects are full of memories and sky high in sentimental value, you won’t want to trust their care to just anybody. In fact, personal effects shipping can be one of the most anxious parts of a move, with many people unable to fully relax until their treasured possessions have arrived safe and sound.

Luckily, here at My Baggage we’re experts in personal effects shipping, with years of experience and thousands of happy customers around the world. So if you’re about to plan a move of your own and want to entrust your family photos, souvenirs and other precious objects to the safest pair of hands around, look no further.

Our Features 2

Affordable & Safe Personal Effects Shipping

As well as taking great care of your belongings on their international journey, My Baggage personal effects shipping is also more affordable than paying for excess baggage on most airlines. So as well as taking the worry out of shipping, our service will take the strain off of your finances.

SuitcasesConvenient Luggage Shipping Service

When you’re in the middle of an international move, the last thing you want to be doing is carrying heavy boxes and bags down to the post office for shipping.

To save you the time, energy and stress, we offer an easy and convenient door-to-door service, collecting your personal effects from your location and delivering them safely and securely to your destination.

What’s more, sending your heavy and bulky boxes separately will allow you to travel more lightly, taking the strain off of the move and allowing you to arrive in style.

Peace of Mind

Though our great reputation and extensive experience should put your mind at ease, to reassure you further we offer luggage tracking on all personal effect shipping, as well as SMS and email notifications.

This means you can keep an eye on your belongings wherever in the world they happen to be at any time of the day or night.

We also have a dedicated customer support team who will happily answer all questions and queries.

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To find out how much our reliable, affordable and convenient personal effects shipping will cost you, log on to the My Baggage website to get a free quote and start planning your new adventure today.

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