Shipping Luggage to Norway

Travelling to or from Norway? My Baggage offers super fast, convenient and affordable luggage shipping services, allowing you to travel luggage free.

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Luggage Shipping to Norway

Travelling to or from Norway? My Baggage offers super fast, convenient and affordable luggage shipping services, allowing you to travel luggage free.

Whether you’re travelling for business or for leisure, studying abroad, or emigrating with your family; My Baggage can help you to easily transport your belongings to Norway.

My Baggage provides convenient and stress-free door to door luggage shipping services, helping you to save time and money when it comes to transporting your luggage abroad.

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About Norway

Norway is one of three Scandinavian countries located in Northern Europe, with borders to Sweden, Finland and Russia on the east side, and an extensive coastline facing the North Atlantic Ocean on the west side. The country boasts a population of just over 5.2 million.

The major cities in Norway are located along its extensive coastline. Oslo, the country’s capital, is also the largest city, boasting around 620,000 inhabitants. Other major cities are Bergen and Stavanger. The climate can be extremely varied depending on the location and, of course, the season. The northern regions of Norway experience long, dark winters, as well as midnight sun during the summer months. In the west, the climate is mild.

Norway has been repeatedly ranked as one of the best countries to live in, largely based on average levels of education and income, combined with life expectancy, human rights, cultural freedom and the fact that it has one of the lowest crime rates across the world.

If you’re hoping to further your academic horizons abroad, Norway is an ideal choice. Norway is becoming an increasingly popular choice for international students from all across the globe, and it’s easy to see why. Norway’s educational system is generally state-supported, ensuring access to education is equal for all. As such, this means that most institutions have no tuition fees. Student life in Norway is rich, social and active.

5 most popular destinations in Norway:

  • North Cape
  • Lofoten
  • Preikestolen
  • Geirangerfjord
  • Bryggen

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Why Ship To Norway?

Reasons My Baggage customers ship to Norway:

  • To send personal belongings to study abroad.
  • Move your family abroad easily.
  • To send a care-package to a loved one in Norway.
  • Ship your bags to relocate for business.
  • Send your luggage ahead of enjoying a relaxing holiday.

Whether you’re relocating to Norway, or perhaps simply enjoying some time out travelling; My Baggage’s generous weight allowance and the ability to send as many items as you like can come in useful. It allows you to bring many more possessions with you than if you were simply relying on a few checked pieces of luggage when flying with your airline.

Shipping Luggage to Norway

Shipping your excess baggage to Norway with My Baggage makes that dreaded, all too tedious wait for the appearance of your suitcase at the luggage carousel in the airport a thing of the past. (Not to mention the possibility of your suitcase not appearing at all, which is every traveller’s worst nightmare!) My Baggage ships your luggage quickly and safely.

My Baggage allows you to ship a massive 30kg per suitcase or box at fantastic low rates. You’ll also be given the option to pay extra for even heavier items, if you need to.

5 Tips For Shipping To Norway

  • Do your research on Norwegian quarantine and customs.
  • Find a reputable international removals/shipping service.
  • Don’t stop there, either – obtain more than one quote and compare!
  • Choose a service with transit times that best suit your needs.
  • Package all items securely with plenty of internal cushioning.

Shipping To Norway

As well as shipping your luggage to Norway, My Baggage can also help you to transport goods you may wish to bring with you that are typically regarded as oversized. Goods such as sporting equipment and excess baggage, which when booked on your flight, can potentially substantially increase the overall cost of your trip.

Shipping Boxes To Norway

With My Baggage, you can send thoughtful gifts and care-packages to your loved ones living overseas. Before proceeding with your booking, be sure to do some search into customs regulations, particularly when it comes to sending gifts. Make sure to package your items in a sturdy, double-walled cardboard box and cushion items with plenty of internal packaging, so as to avoid any damage occurring whilst in transit.

Shipping Excess Baggage To Norway

If you’re worried about your luggage exceeding the weight allowance on your flight, you can erase that worry by shipping it ahead to Norway with My Baggage. That way, you can avoid the excess baggage charges and still bring plenty of belongings with you.

Shipping Sporting Equipment To Norway

Norway is a fantastic destination for enjoying a range of sporting activities, such as skiing with their long ski seasons, and even cycling which is best enjoyed in the warmer months. If you hope to bring your own sports equipment with you to Norway, My Baggage can help you. We help you to transport large items all over the world, so you don’t have to worry about renting equipment when you get there.

Student Shipping To Norway

Interested in furthering your academic horizons by spending a semester abroad in Norway? Or perhaps you want to see out the duration of your degree course abroad? My Baggage can help you to transport all of your belongings straight to your new home on campus. Whether you’re studying at the University of Oslo, or perhaps elsewhere.

5 most popular Norwegian universities for international students:

  • University of Oslo
  • University of Bergen
  • University of Tromsø
  • University of Agder
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Shipping Luggage to Norway

The My Baggage team is made up of former students and recent graduates, so we understand how stressful the prospect of moving to university can be – not to mention moving to university overseas! Therefore, we make it our top priority to make your experience as stress-free as possible. Our convenient student shipping services to Norway allows you to relax and enjoy what should be one of the most exciting times of your life. Want to know what other students think about My Baggage? Read our reviews.

Prohibited and Non-Compensation Items

My Baggage gives you the freedom to ship your personal belongings all over the world, meaning you can send almost everything you would typically find in a standard holiday suitcase. However, for security and customs reasons, there are certain items which are prohibited and cannot be carried; as is standard with most shipping companies.

As a general rule, you can be sure that the following items are prohibited:

  • Aerosols
  • Animal Products
  • Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Hazardous Goods
  • Liquids
  • Medicines
  • Passports or other confidential personal documentation
  • Perishable Foods
  • Plants

When sending to Norway, the following items are also prohibited:

  • Antiques
  • Furs
  • Precious Metals and Stones

It is also important to be aware that there are a number of items that can be carried on our services, however, they are not covered under our compensation cover and would be sent at your own risk. If you choose to send any non-compensation items, please ensure they are packaged appropriately, with plenty of internal packaging for fragile items.

Find out more about My Baggage’s prohibited and non-compensation items.

Please note that import allowances, security and customs processes differ all around the world; we recommend that you do your own personal research into what may be prohibited in your destination country before booking your shipment to Norway.

What type of packaging can be used?

When sending your belongings to Norway with My Baggage, we recommend using either suitcases or strong cardboard boxes to package your items so as they are suitable for transit.

We advise against using fragile or expensive suitcases, as packaging is not covered under our compensation cover. With regards to boxes, it’s always best to invest in a new, sturdy, double-walled cardboard box as they are most durable and suitable for transit.

If you are sending fragile or delicate items, we recommend using internal packaging to protect them during transit. You can use materials such as bubble wrap or newspapers.

You can read through our complete packaging guide to find out more.

Other Ways Of Shipping To Norway

There are various options for shipping to Norway, and it is important to make yourself aware of all of the various methods available, as some may be better suited to your personal circumstances than others. Here are just a few alternative options:

International Removals To Norway

Relocating to Norway on a permanent basis? If so, you might consider transporting all of your worldly belongings with a reputable international removals company. Traditional international removals are ideal if you need to send a number of large items that may be otherwise difficult to transport, such as furniture, i.e. sofas, or perhaps even your car.

The cost and timescale of your removals can vary greatly depending entirely on the scale of your move. Many traditional international removals companies will offer convenient door to door collection and delivery services – though it is always worth noting that some may require you to arrange transportation of your belongings to and from ports yourself.

Send A Parcel To Norway

Not only does My Baggage ship personal effects to Norway, but we can send parcels and gifts, too. Why not send a thoughtful care-package to your loved one living overseas?

Norwegian Customs Information

When shipping goods to Norway, you are legally required to complete and send a customs declaration with your shipment. Whether you’re sending personal effects in a suitcase or a gift to a loved one; if your shipment does not have customs documents attached, it will not make it past your local country border, and you may have to pay return charges to get it back. My Baggage will automatically provide you with the appropriate customs documents for you to complete, print, sign and attach to your shipment when you book with us.

Generally, My Baggage shipments clear customs in a timely manner, free from duties and taxes, as most countries offer a generous duty-free allowance for personal effects. However, as customs processes and allowance are different around the world, and because My Baggage has no control over any customs authority; we do advise doing your own personal research into Norwegian customs regulations and quarantine before booking your shipment to Norway. Please make yourself aware of potential customs duties in Norway and be sure to follow any and all advice provided by customs directly.

Norwegian customs in particular typically view personal effects as used items that have been in the sender’s possession for 6 months or more. It is important to be aware that if your shipment is checked by Norwegian customs and is found to contain brand new or commercial items, your shipment may be assessed for customs duties and taxes.

When completing your customs documents, it is important to do so properly and clearly. In order to demonstrate that your shipment consists of personal effects, you will be required to accurately describe each item included in the package. For example, you would declare: “4 x t-shirts, 2 x pairs of jeans, 3 x dresses” etc, as opposed to “10 x clothing”.

How To Ship Luggage To Norway With My Baggage

My Baggage makes shipping your luggage to Norway completely effortless. Our easy to use online booking system is available 24/7 and takes just a few short moments to complete. Simply start by obtaining an instant quote straight from our website. Once you’ve booked with us, we’ll send you some shipping labels to print and attach to your items. After that, you can sit back and relax as we take care of everything else for you.

Reasons to use My Baggage:

  • Convenient door to door collection and delivery.
  • Cheap luggage shipping services to and from Norway.
  • International luggage shipping to over 200 countries worldwide.
  • Full online luggage tracking with SMS and email notifications.
  • Fast transit times – express services available on many routes.
  • Dedicated customer support via phone, email and live chat.

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Are You A Business Or Personal User?

My Baggage offers convenient and affordable luggage delivery services for everyone; whether you’re a business user, a holiday maker, an expat or simply moving house. No matter your reason, absolutely anyone can take advantage of our competitive prices and excellent services. In fact, many savvy business users regularly avail of our low cost and convenient shipping services in order to relocate their employees all over the world.

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