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Ship your luggage anywhere in the world with us. Save yourself time, stress and money when it comes to luggage delivery. Book online with tracking each step of the way.

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Shipping Luggage Internationally

Luggage Shipping anywhere from Australia to the USAEurope or Worldwide is an effortless process with My Baggage. By booking with us, you can save yourself time, stress, and plenty of dollars when it comes to transporting your luggage abroad. 

We’re the luggage shipping experts!

Shipping luggage or parcels used to be a very expensive, tedious and unnecessarily complex process. Thankfully, here at My Baggage, we’re very proud to be able to say that we’ve made the process a whole lot easier – not to mention cheaper!

My Baggage helps those moving home, students, business travellers, expats and even those going on vacation each and every day to get their luggage where they need to go; as quickly and as efficiently as possible. No matter who you are or where you’re off to – My Baggage can help!

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How our service works

We make the process as smooth and seamless as possible.
Book your collection online
Book a collection online
Print & Attach your Labels
Print & Attach your Labels
We'll Collect your Items
We'll Collect your Items
We'll Deliver your Items
We'll Deliver your Items

Shipping Luggage Abroad

There are many reasons why you might need to ship luggage internationally. Whether you’re sending items from Australia to friends and family abroad, or perhaps you’re off to study at an international college and need all of your personal belongings delivered to your new home on campus.

In fact, My Baggage specialises in shipping to and from colleges across Europe and USA. So, if you need to ship your personal effects to college; My Baggage is your No.1 choice. We help thousands of students transport their luggage every single semester.

Sending a Bag Overseas

For those who wish to avoid the nightmare of hauling their suitcase or heavy bags from their home and through train stations, taxis and airports; our convenient luggage shipping services can come as more than welcome news. In fact, My Baggage is the best alternative to airline baggage.

When you book a bag on your flight, you have to keep in mind your airline’s restrictive, less-than-generous baggage allowances. It means you may have to make the sacrifice of leaving many of your beloved personal belongings behind; and even then, you might still find yourself at check-in needing to pay extortionate excess baggage fees. It’s certainly not an ideal situation to find yourself in.

Thankfully, My Baggage allows you to ship a massive 30kg per suitcase at fantastic low rates. You also have the option to pay extra for even heavier bags if you need to. That means you’ll never have to leave any of your beloved possessions behind again.

We also make that all-too-familiar, tedious wait for the appearance of your suitcase at the luggage carousel in the airport a thing of the past. (Not to mention the possibility of your suitcase not appearing at all, which is every traveller’s worst nightmare

My Baggage is ideal for:

Moving Abroad

Moving Abroad

If you are moving to another country My Baggage is the perfect way to transport your personal effects internationally.
Going To University

Going to University

My Baggage is used by thousands of students worldwide to move their belongings locally and abroad. Perfect if you are studying abroad.


Save time at the airport and avoid excess baggage fees when you use My Baggage. Travel stress-free and fly through the airport.
Sending Gifts

Sending Gifts

If you have loved ones living abroad My Baggage can help you ship gifts abroad in a simple and affordable manner.

Reasons to Ship with My Baggage

No matter who you are or where you’re going; if you need to ship luggage or parcels throughout the UK, USA or abroad – here’s what you can expect from My Baggage:

  • Great low cost. Get a quick quote any time!
  • Door to door collection and delivery of your shipment.
  • Full online tracking with text and email notifications available.
  • Fast shipping times – next day delivery available on many routes.
  • International luggage and parcel delivery to 200+ countries worldwide.
  • Dedicated customer support via phone, email and live chat.

Convenient and Reliable Luggage Shipping Services

My Baggage was founded to provide affordable, reliable and convenient luggage shipping services to those who need it most. Whether you’re off to study at an international college, or simply sending a parcel or care-package to a loved one; we strive to make sure the entire process is convenient for you.

For this reason, My Baggage offers stress-free, door-to-door luggage collection and delivery. There’s no need to leave your items at a drop-off point and certainly no need to venture out to collect them. We’ll take care of all of the hard work for you.

Once your items have been collected, you’ll be given access to full online luggage tracking information, which will allow you to monitor the progress of your shipment every single step of the way. The tracking will notify you when your shipment is out for delivery, so you’ll know exactly when to expect it.

To offer that extra peace of mind, My Baggage also offers unrivalled customer support. Thanks to many years experience, our dedicated customer support staff are experts in logistics and will always be more than happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have along the way. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are moving to Australia, be sure to check out our guide on moving to Australia.

Fast Luggage Shipping

At My Baggage, we understand that when it comes to shipping luggage internationally, speed is a top priority. No one wants to be left waiting weeks for their baggage to arrive; particularly students who are off to study at an international college for the first time.

That’s why we offer super fast transit times, with next day services available on many of our routes. Your estimated transit times for your luggage shipment will be displayed at the quote page. Simply get a quote to see how fast we can deliver your luggage.

Thousands of happy customers


Our Top Destinations

My Baggage ships luggage to over 200 countries worldwide, across over 1,000 routes. Here are some of our most popular destinations that our customers ship to and from every day:

Cheap Luggage Shipping

At My Baggage, we strive to make shipping luggage within Australia, USA, Europe and Worldwide as affordable as possible. Traditionally, international luggage shipping services are extremely expensive. However, with more and more demand for luggage shipping; we at My Baggage want to break the mold and allow you to ship your baggage abroad at a price you can afford, whatever your reason might be.

As well, we understand how important it is to our customers to know exactly how much you’ll be paying to ship your baggage internationally. This is why we have a quick online quote system that tells you exactly how much your shipment will cost right from the get-go.

How to Book your Delivery

My Baggage makes booking your international luggage shipment easy. Our online booking system is available 24/7 and it takes just a few short moments to complete. Simply start by getting a quote straight from our homepage. You can obtain a quote for shipments going from, for example; Brisbane to New York, AU to UK and even from Europe to Oz!

Once you’ve booked, we’ll send you some shipping labels to print and attach to your items. After that, you can sit back and relax as we collect your shipment and deliver it straight to where it needs to go. It’s that easy!

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Luggage Shipping

Ship your baggage anywhere in the world with us. Save yourself time, stress and money when it comes to luggage delivery.

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