Luggage Forwarding For Students

My Baggage provides a convenient and low cost luggage forwarding service for students.

If you need to send luggage, My Baggage is the No.1 Student Shipping Company, so you can trust us to deliver your luggage and belongings safely, and on time.

We like to think of it as offering you a ‘Hands Free’ service. Simply book your luggage shipment with My Baggage, and you can travel freely and easily, without having to worry about transporting your belongings or carrying heavy bags on your journey.

SuitcasesAbout My Baggage

My Baggage is a luggage forwarding and shipping service that’s used by almost 30,000 students worldwide to deliver their belongings.

We offer low prices and fast delivery times on luggage shipments to over 200 countries worldwide. We provide door to door collection and delivery to all major towns and cities and we enable full online tracking, so you can keep an eye on your luggage shipment every step of the way.

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Fast Luggage Delivery

We understand that when it comes to forwarding your luggage, fast delivery times are your top priority. So, we make it our top priority too.

We offer 1-2 day delivery within the UK and 2-3 or 3-4 day delivery to international destinations, depending on your route. We also offer Express services on many of our routes, for those who need their luggage delivered as soon as possible.

You can book your luggage shipment up to 10pm the night before your collection, or as far in advance as you like. We aim to provide a convenient luggage forwarding service that saves you time and stress.

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My Baggage Weight Allowance

We provide a very generous 30kg weight allowance, per item you send – almost twice the amount by most major airlines. This means you get value for money, as you can pack in a much as you like.

Low Cost Luggage Forwarding

Having recently been students, one of our main aims at My Baggage is to accommodate a student budget with our prices. That’s why we offer great low rates on all our luggage forwarding services AND we have an excellent Price Match tool, so if you do find a cheaper price elsewhere, let us know and we’ll try to beat it.

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