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My Baggage provides affordable, quick and convenient student shipping to USA. Door to door service and full online tracking available…

Every year thousands of UK students travel to USA to enjoy a year abroad or to live, work or travel in the country.

From New York to California and every state and city in between, UK students travel to all corners of the United States. Thankfully, My Baggage provides low cost, quick and convenient student shipping to all American destinations.

So if you’re planning a US adventure, we can transport your luggage for you – giving you one less thing to worry about as you travel.

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Try My Baggage’s Luggage Shipping to USA

My Baggage provides international student shipping to USA quickly and efficiently. We offer a door to door service so we’ll collect your items from home and deliver them to exactly where they need to go.

As we all know, travelling to the USA with a lot of luggage is inconvenient and incredibly expensive. Airline baggage charges aren’t cheap and often have strict weight restrictions, which simply don’t work if you’re travelling the US for a considerable period and have loads of belongings to bring.

My Baggage provides a great alternative to airline baggage. It’s cheaper and more convenient – there’s no checking in bags, organising transfers and carrying heavy suitcases. All you have to do is book online with My Baggage and we’ll do the rest.

SuitcasesLuggage Shipping to All Major USA Cities

My Baggage’s luggage shipping service is available to all US cities and allows you the opportunity to time your trip around the arrival of your belongings. This means our service is ideal for international students who have a lot of items and need them shipped fast. It takes between 2-3 days to delivery your items to USA.

Our generous allowance of 30kg per item also means that you will have no problems packing almost any item you have and sending it home at the end of the term. This of course means that you will only have to live with your essentials for a few days at a time.

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Low Cost Luggage Delivery To And From USA

One of the main benefits of using My Baggage is the fact that you can save money with us. Our international shipping rates are much cheaper than alternative options – such as airline baggage.

As many of the My Baggage team have traveled and studied abroad, we understand that moving overseas is an expensive process, so it’s our priority to make our prices fit a student budget. 

We also offer a handy Price Match tool, so if you do happen to find a cheaper price elsewhere, let us know and we’ll try to beat it.

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