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My Baggage provides affordable student shipping to Spain – fast delivery times, door to door service and full online tracking. 

University is a big step and an even bigger and more exciting one if you decide to study internationally. International study is an exciting and intriguing way to learn more about a different country as well as the course you’ve decided to take.

Of course, the practical concerns can be daunting – especially when it comes to transporting your belongings from country to country.

But that’s what My Baggage are here for – we offer low cost and convenient student shipping to and from Sweden to help you if you’re off on a year abroad or doing some travelling across the world.

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Travelling To Sweden

For active sorts, who love the great outdoors, Sweden is the perfect spot. It’s incredibly popular for skiing, hiking, kayaking and sailing.

Sweden is also famous for its Scandinavian cuisine, such as its delicious meatballs (think Ikea but MUCH nicer!). Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg are popular destinations within Sweden, all known for their shopping opportunities and fantastic nightlife.

SuitcasesMy Baggage Helps with Student Shipping To Sweden

My Baggage provides high quality and low cost international student shipping to and from Sweden, as well as from a wide range of other international destinations.

This means that you limit the amount of stress involved when moving to a new country and can focus on being able to settle in and relax in your new surroundings.

My Baggage provides an easy and affordable alternative to airline baggage – which is known to be expensive and not to mention inconvenient, with strict weight allowances and checkins, pickups and transfers to organise.

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A 30kg Allowance for Luggage Shipping Sweden

We provide a shipping allowance per item of 30kg and will provide you with details of time scales and delivery times – something that the other alternatives don’t necessarily do. In short, we want to make the delivery of your goods as easy as possible in a safe manner that means you have nothing to worry about and is cheaper than alternatives.

Our student shipping from UK to Sweden and back, is seen as a tried and tested way to send luggage. We’ve helped thousands of students like you and have received more than favourable reviews when doing so.

Our student shipping from Sweden is available from all the major cities in the Scandinavian nation and delivers to all the UK’s universities. We take pride in making things a lot easier for you.

So, why not let us deliver your personal belongings from Sweden to the UK –it’s a sensible, fast and affordable option. So, give My Baggage a go, get a quote online today.

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