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My Baggage provides low cost and convenient student shipping from UK to and from The Netherlands…

BoxesSo if you’re taking a year abroad or going travelling to the north west of Europe, we can give you a helping hand with your luggage.

My Baggage is the No.1 Student Shipping Company, helping 30,000 students around the world with their luggage. We offer a full door to door service and online tracking with SMS and email notifications.

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Travelling To The Netherlands

The Netherlands might be a relatively small country, however, this is one diverse land. North of the country is completely different to the south and the inlands are nothing like the coastal towns.

The Netherlands is densely populated with over 17 million people living there. The Dutch people are famously open minded and liberal, making it a perfect destination for students who want a laid back experience abroad.

It will come as no surprise that capital city Amsterdam is the most popular location for students and other tourists in the The Netherlands. However, there are plenty of other places and reasons to visit – with borders to Germany and Belgium, it’s wonderfully culturally diverse.

Student Luggage Shipping to the NetherlandsSuitcases

Even though the Netherlands is not very far away from the UK relatively, moving all of your items there can be a lot of hassle. Airlines involve transfers, extremely high baggage costs and a range of other problems, such as long waits and unreliable services.

At My Baggage we prefer to offer you something a little easier, faster and more affordable than either of the aforementioned options. We provide international student shipping from Netherlands to the UK and back again at the end of term in an efficient and trouble-free manner.

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30KG Allowance for Netherlands Luggage Shipping

Our service is available to all the UK’s cities and from all of those in the Netherlands too, saving you a lot of time and effort and meaning your belongings are there when you need them. We also provide a 30kg allowance, which is plenty for even the most thoroughly packed large suitcase.

We provide delivery at a date that works around you, which means you’re sure to be there for your item’s arrival. It’s all quite easy – you just give us your baggage and we’ll deliver it to your new door at a time that fits with your schedule. It means you don’t have to worry about living without your items for any real length of time.

If you’re looking for student shipping from the Netherlands to the UK then we offer a fantastic service.

Cheap Student Shipping To And From The Netherlands

The best thing about My Baggage is of course our low rates for international student shipping to and from The Netherlands.

You can get a quote any time AND we also offer a handy Price Match service, so if you do find a cheaper price elsewhere, we’ll try to beat it!

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