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My Baggage offers fast, efficient and low cost luggage shipping to and from Italy.

SuitcasesSo if you’re studying abroad in Italy, or if you’re perhaps an Italian student coming the UK or USA, we can help you move all your luggage quickly and affordably.

My Baggage is the No.1 Student Shipping Company, offering a convenient door to door service to 200+ countries worldwide, with full online tracking and text & email notifications.

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Student Luggage Shipping To Italy

If you’re off to Italy for a gap year, your third year abroad or to just do some travelling you’ll know that travelling to the country isn’t a problem. Italy is just a short plane journey away.

However, transporting all your luggage from country to country can be a different story. If you’re staying in Italy for a long period of time, airline baggage will not be enough in terms of weight allowance and it’s simply too expensive to add more suitcases to your flight.

My Baggage provides a welcome alternative to this. We can ship your luggage at a price you can actually afford and we’ll give you a baggage weight allowance of up to 30kg per item so you don’t have to leave any important items – having all your belongings with you can make a big difference to how you settle into a new country.

The service is fast and efficient so you can plan your journey around it. Typically, delivery to all major Italian towns and cities takes 3-5 days so you know when to expect your stuff. Plus at My Baggage it is possible to track your baggage online each step of the way.

This means that when you arrive at your new accommodation in Italy you can quickly create a feeling of home, with familiar things around you.

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Student shipping from Italy to the UK

Many Italian students flock to the UK every year in order study at our universities. Moving to an entirely new country means that these students will need to transport a considerable amount of luggage.

My Baggage provides extremely affordable international student shipping rates to and from 200+ countries worldwide including Italy, so if you’re moving to the UK, we’d be happy to help.

How Does My Baggage Work?

Simply book and pay for your luggage shipment online. Our booking process is really straightforward and only takes a few minutes. After that we will send you some labels to print and attach to your items. Then, we’ll take care of the rest.

We offer a door-to-door luggage collection and delivery service, so we will pick up your boxes or suitcases directly from your home and deliver them to wherever they need to go, quickly and safely.

Low Cost Luggage Shipping To And From Italy

One of the main benefits of My Baggage to students travelling to and from Italy are our low rates. We understand that students moving internationally have enough financial commitments, so the last thing you want is to pay over the odds for luggage transportation. That’s why our costs are super low and we even offer a price matching tool.

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