Student Shipping To Denmark

My Baggage provides convenient and affordable student luggage shipping to 200+ countries worldwide, including Denmark.

We provide a door-to-door baggage delivery service to and from all towns and cities in Denmark. So, no matter where you’re travelling, you can be sure that your luggage will arrive directly to you quickly and safely.

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Travelling To Denmark

Denmark is a fascinating country and a must-visit destination within Europe. With approximately 90% of Danish people speaking English, it’s incredibly popular among UK students taking a year abroad or venturing on a gap year.

As well as being  place of outstanding natural beauty and endless outdoor activity opportunities, Denmark is a notoriously laid-back land with friendly natives and a relaxed way of life that attracts visitors from all around the world.

And if that’s not enough to persuade you to take a trip there, the local cuisine will win you over.

SuitcasesStudent Shipping To Denmark

Situated in central Europe, on the northern border of Germany, Denmark is easy to access by plane from all parts of the world.

Getting your student luggage to and from Denmark can, however, be a more complicated and expensive process.

As we all know, airline baggage charges can considerably increase the cost of your journey, especially if you’re travelling with more than one bag. Then there’s the restrictive weight allowance, the lengthy suitcase check ins and standing around at baggage carousels, praying that nothing has got lost in transit!

Student shipping to Denmark with My Baggage removes all this stress. We’ll collect your luggage from your home and send it to Denmark with absolutely no fuss, meaning that you can enjoy your journey with nothing to worry about.

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Fast And Safe Student Shipping To Denmark

We understand that when you’re sending luggage from country to country, you want it to arrive as quickly as possible. After all, your precious belongings are inside that suitcase!

To help those who need fast luggage delivery to Denmark, My Baggage can offer an express luggage shipping time of 1-2 days.

And your luggage is in safe hands with us. We send tens of thousands of items across the world every single month – we’re experts at baggage shipping. And if you need more than just our word – we also provide a full online tracking system, as well as email and text notifications for that extra peace of mind.

Student Shipping From Denmark

The UK’s education system and its friendliness towards international students, mean that thousands come here each year to learn and further themselves. This is why My Baggage also offers luggage shipping from Denmark – so Danish students can transport their belongings to the UK quickly, safely and at a good price. We provide a 30kg allowance for students using our service – a generous amount that even the most tightly packed suitcases shouldn’t go over.

Top Features

When you book your student shipment to Denmark, you’ll receive the following top features from My Baggage:

  • Low international student shipping rates.
  • Easy online booking and payment.
  • Door to door collection and delivery.
  • Full online luggage tracking.
  • £100 free compensation cover on every item.
  • Dedicated customer support via phone, email and live chat.

Affordable Luggage Shipping Solution

The great thing about sending your luggage to or from Denmark with My Baggage is that it won’t break the bank. You can send a 30kg suitcase from £41 – which is significantly cheaper than airline baggage fees or other shipping alternatives.

We also offer a handy Price Match tool, so if you do happen to find a cheaper price elsewhere, we’ll try to beat it!

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