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My Baggage offers convenient low cost student shipping to and from China.

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If you’re a student travelling to China for your third year abroad, or if you’re a Chinese student coming to university in the UK, we can help you save time and money when it comes to transporting all your luggage overseas.

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Stress Free Student Shipping To China

Students travelling to and from China have a lot to consider when it comes to making their journey. And trying to organise luggage can be an added headache.

However, at My Baggage, it is our mission to alleviate that stress and make things as easy as possible for students moving overseas.

Our student shipping service removes all the hassle, as we will take care of transporting your luggage quickly, safely and at a low cost.

All you have to do is book online, which takes just a few minutes, and after that we will collect your luggage and deliver it to where it needs to go. We offer a door-to-door service and full online tracking as well as email and text notifications to keep you updated.


SuitcasesAirline Baggage Alternative

My Baggage provides a useful and affordable alternative to airline baggage, which means you don’t have to pay expensive fees for adding suitcases to your flight to or from China.

As China and the UK are far apart, many people choose to stay for longer, which means they require more belongings than traditional airline baggage restrictions allow. However, My Baggage offers a generous 30kg baggage weight allowance, so you can bring more items with you but for less.  

As well as that, forwarding luggage overseas with My Baggage means you don’t have to travel with heavy bags, queue at check in desks and baggage carousels or organise luggage pick ups and transfers.

Student Shipping To China – Top Features

When you book your student shipment to China, you’ll receive the following top features from My Baggage:

  • Low international student shipping rates.
  • Easy online booking and payment.
  • Door to door collection and delivery.
  • Full online luggage tracking.
  • £100 free compensation cover on every item.
  • Dedicated customer support via phone, email and live chat.

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Low Cost Student Shipping To China

Safety, reliability and speed are all important when it comes to shipping luggage – but we understand that price is a priority too.

Traditionally, sending luggage to international destinations such as China is expensive, however My Baggage is able to offer affordable rates that are especially friendly to students.

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