Student Shipping To Canada

Do You Need Student Shipping To Or From Canada?

My Baggage provides quick and convenient student shipping to and from Canada and is a much cheaper alternative to adding baggage with an airline.

Although Canada is just one flight away from the UK, it’s a long and tiring journey and getting luggage to and from there can be a bit of a headache, with expensive and restrictive airline baggage allowances.

That’s why we at My Baggage want to offer  a stress-free overseas luggage shipping solution that can make your trip a little bit easier.


Suitcase & LabelConvenient Student Baggage Collection And Delivery To Canada

No check-in, no waiting at baggage carousels, no luggage pick ups or transfers and no sore arms after carrying heavy suitcases. Instead, our door-to-door luggage shipping service will collect your luggage from you and deliver it to exactly where it needs to go.

We also offer full online luggage tracking, to make the experience even more effortless.


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Student Shipping To Canada’s Cities

My Baggage ships to all of the major towns and cities in Canada such as Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, Toronto and more, and we work around your schedule, meaning you can plan your trip around when you will receive your belongings.

We allow students to send up to 30kg per item, meaning that most belongings can be packed away. This is especially useful for those travelling to Canada in the cold winter months and need to pack heavy clothes or winter sports equipment.

Choosing student shipping to and from Canada is safe and secure and creates no hassle for the sender.

We also offer £100 free compensation cover and you can increase this up to £1,000 if you wish.

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Cheap Student Shipping To Canada

The UK and Canada have close educational ties and each year students from both countries move between either nation’s universities and educational institutions to learn.

These close links mean that it’s very appealing for students from one nation to study in the other and results in a large number doing so. Students who partake in this once in a lifetime opportunity to study abroad are sure to find our low cost student shipping to Canada or internationally very useful.

For holiday makers or those emmigrating, Canada is an extremely popular destination. It’s so culturally diverse and offers something for everyone; whether you’re into outdoor activities, visiting museums or just soaking up the astounding scenery and magnificent natural beauty. There’s no other country as magnificently diverse as Canada – it’s well worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.

So, get a quick quote now for luggage shipping to Canada!

Not a student? Check out our ultimate guide on relocating to Canada!

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