Student Shipping to Bulgaria

For those travelling to or from Bulgaria, My Baggage offers a low cost and convenient overseas student shipping solution which gives you one less thing to worry about as you take your journey.

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Our Bulgaria Student Shipping Services

Every year, thousands of students travel to Bulgaria to work or study – and likewise, thousands of Bulgarian students travel to the UK to attend university.

Unfortunately, the vast majority still pay high prices for airline allowances, or wait weeks for items to ship overseas. It’s a slow, laborious and time consuming process that can make for plenty of worry.

Suitcase & LabelThankfully, My Baggage removes all of these negatives and offers quick and efficient Student Shipping to and from Bulgaria that can save time and money.

We like to see My Baggage as a service that removes the stress, hassle and the necessity for consummate planning when moving to or from Bulgaria.

It takes just a few clicks to book online with us and we’ll deliver your goods to your new home in super quick time, thanks to our team who are experienced in Student Shipping back and forth from Bulgaria.

Our service takes most Bulgarian cities directly into account and allows you to organise your arrival or return home around when you expect your goods to arrive. This means there is no reason for you to go without them and when your student shipping to Bulgaria arrives home at the end of term, it does so safely and efficiently.

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A 30kg Allowance for Student Shipping to Bulgaria

In addition, we also offer a 30kg allowance for each item you send with us  – far more than airlines. Our student shipping  to and from Bulgaria is also very competitive. We’re also notably cheaper than airlines as a means of transport and using us means there is no worry about baggage transfers, check-ins and weight issues.

In short, it’s a super-fast, super-safe and super-secure service that’s trouble free and easy to organise.

At My Baggage we just want to make things easy, convenient and flexible for you whether you’re coming to the UK or arriving home. It’s all part of our service when offering student shipping from Bulgaria.

So, why not get a quick quote?

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