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My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-12-07
Items were picked up and delivered as promised, and on time. They are a reputable competitively priced company. I would recommend them to anybody- hands down. I found their website user friendly and clear, and appreciated the pertinent links to make it go as smooth as a baby's bottom. They picked up in Belgium and delivered in the USA.
Denise Dunnahoo, Sat 7th Dec 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-12-06
This was our second experience with My Baggage and the service was, again, top notch. Every part of the process is carefully executed and assistance is readily available. Timelines are met and our shipment arrived in the same condition that we sent it. We first sent two suitcases from France to the UK and then, two months later, one suitcase from the UK to the US. The main difference was what we considered an incredible and time consuming amount of work navigating the US Customs regulations and paperwork. Our shipment was primarily books, research documents and household items. Listing and determining a monetary value to everything was a pain and, in the future, we would just take these items in our checked luggage since there was nothing included that we had not originally brought from home, the US. That said, our frustration was with US requirements, not with My Baggage, which is an excellent service. We will use My Baggage, happily, when we travel within the EU, but probably not from the EU to the US.
IMR, Fri 6th Dec 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-12-03
Great service.
Christine, Tue 3rd Dec 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-30
I haven’t actually had my bag delivered yet but I must say how fantastic the support staff have been in helping me as a first time customer even when I made a stupid mistake, I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship
Anne, Sat 30th Nov 2019
My Baggage- Shipping 5 2019-11-30
Baggage delivered with no obstacles. Thanks a lot!!
Kate Stiegler, Sat 30th Nov 2019