You think spending first year living in a student village would somewhat help you prepare for adult life – gaining independence, learning how to cook and working harder than ever. Yet in reality you spend the year without actually having done any work, hating adulthood already and questioning how poor your life actually is.

1) You’re so bored of the same walk to uni. You have been since October.

kim kardashian bored cricket boring crickets

2) And you’re so bored of the walk to the supermarket. You have been since October.

boring bored who cares im bored thats boring

3) Your accommodation couldn’t look any more different than on the pictures on the website.

lies lying catfish max joseph nev schulman

4) The kitchen table looks a state every morning after pre drinks. And there is spilt drinks on said table since September.

The Simpsons bart simpson season 16 episode 9 milhouse van houten

5) There’s about 7 full bin bags lying round because no one can be bothered walking 30 seconds to take them out. How dare they.

trash garbage homer simpson the simpsons snow angel

6) The cleaners are only recognisable by the amount of noise they make, not the actual “cleaning” they do.

cleaning dancing minions despicable me minion

7) Living in a student village is great, because you’re never more than 3 flats away from a party.

party 8 stuck in love college party high school party

8) Living in a student village is also annoying, because you’re never more than 3 flats away from a party when you’re trying to sleep.

crazy sleeping brad pitt insane hiding

9) Trying to blag your way through security after a night out NEVER works, yet it always seems a good idea at the time.

police cops security arrested evidence

10) There is always vomit around the place when go leave the village, and you can only hope it wasn’t yours after a heavy night out.

sick vomit keeping up with the kardashians kris kardashian

11) You spent half your time there letting someone in who has forgot their key.

rhony sonja morgan real housewives of new york city here we go again here we go

12) And you spend the other half asking to be let in, because you forgot your key.

door red panda locked out

13) Why is there only 10 washing machines for about 5000 people?

yes garth marenghis darkplace that makes sense

14) And even though there’s 5000 people there, the sad reality is you only know the names of about 15.

aaliyah who are you romeo must die do i know you

15) The tea towels haven’t been washed all year and there’s always a complaint about the smell, yet no one can be bothered to actually wash them.

gross labyrinth smell smell bad

16) You’re never sure if you’re actually in the Stone Age because the internet is that slow.

90s retro internet computer web

17) The cat that hangs round the village was cool for about 2 minutes.

cat kitten nose boop off switch

18) There’s always one flatmate who takes up about 99% of the fridge yet throws it all away anyway.

keanu reeves i hate you fake smile smile evil

19) The village seems so far away when you have to make small talk with someone on your course you don’t like on the way back from lectures.

reaction tiffany pollard miss new york small talk

20) You always end up buying a pizza from the shop after a night out.

friends pizza friends tv im gonna order a pizza order a pizza

21) And when you find you left the oven on overnight, you’re surprised the whole village hasn’t melted down.

fire explosion on fire burt reynolds movies

22) There’s a swanky part of the village which you always see but never hear about. Do people actually live there?

hocus pocus rich people movie film reaction

23) You’re still mentally scarred from that time the fire alarm went off in freshers.

some kind of wonderful fire alarm

24) Questioning the ‘no pets allowed policy’ when you’re living with 2 snakes and a cat that always drinks your milk.

taylor swift cats single kittens tay swift

25) But you question why people get so aggy when you drink their milk. Swings and Roundabouts.

infomercial milk cereal mess thanks obama


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