Northern Ireland – yes, it’s technically part of the UK…

But if you’re venturing from the Mainland to go to university there, be prepared to feel like you’ve landed on an entirely different planet.

Here are just some of the heavy challenges that university life in Northern Ireland will throw at you:

1) The accent is nowhere near as nice as you imagined it would be.

2) And it’s a genuine challenge to understand what people are saying to you.

3) What does ‘craic’ and ‘wee buns’ even mean?


4) Despite being the smallest country ever – people from Tyrone sound like they’re from a different continent to people in Derry~Londonderry.

confused gillian jacobs

5) Speaking of Derry~Londonderry… Which is correct? Is it Derry? Is it Londonderry? Is it both?

Lost & Found Music Studios maggie lost and found landf big deal

4) You’re not quite sure how to navigate the whole ‘are you British or are you Irish?’ thing.

5) But everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s Day.


6) Being confused that drivers beep their horn as a way of saying thank you to other drivers.

7) You get the “if you’re from England, why didn’t you go to uni there?” at least three times a day.


8) Disliking Tayto is a criminal offence.

star wars robot rude how rude c3p0

9) They way they say Primark is strange.

10) When someone asks you if you want a poke, say yes.

Amy Schumer HBO hbo smiling amy schumer hilarious

It’s not what you think…

11) There are a million different types of bread. Potato bread, soda bread, Veda bread! It’s carb heaven. 

commercial oprah bread oprah winfrey weight watchers

12) Why do people find it necessary to use ‘wee’ between every other word?


13) Fuming at the fact there’s only one Wetherspoons in Belfast when there’s at least three on every street back home.

stacerizz sad ben affleck depressed

14) Fuming at the fact there’s only a few Greggs in Belfast, when there’s at least three on every street back home.

stacerizz sad ben affleck depressed

15) You don’t understand the hype around Boojum at all.


16) Friday becomes mass emigration day.

Yosub real housewives rhoc heather orange county

17) No, I haven’t met the Queen.

ugh facepalm embarrassed face palm no

18) And no, I don’t really want to hear your opinion of her too.


19) Everyone has been an extra in Game of Thrones.

20) Questioning why everywhere shuts so early of a night out.


21) It can’t half cost a fortune coming home.

john travolta confused travolta poor wallet

22) But to be fair, when you are home, you do miss how much bigger the shots are in NI.

Ethan Barnowsky drunk beer beers national beer day

23) And at how Buckfast is the holy grail over there.


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